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44, Bd. d'Italie

98000, Principauté de Monaco

(+377) 99 90 15 45
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About Us

Cooperation - Integration - Progress

Since its foundation in 2004, Monacrypt has always partnered with major global groups in the development of micro controllers and microprocessors. The experience gained over the years has led Monacrypt to service the largest video content distributors, as well as provide secure data transmission to enterprises from over 100 Nations.

Our core values are cooperation, integration and progress. We partecipate to the World's technological innovation with our advanced laboratory tools, research outcomes and action on the field, with operations branches in Morocco, Tunisia, Albania, Italy and Romania.

COVID19 Research Branch

We have put our passion and experience in the technological field at the service of the global fight against the SARS-COV-2 pandemic, developing and distributing high quality, innovative, diagnostic medical devices.

The Conference
Installation, securing and staff training for broadcast and OTT systems.
Television Distribution
International diffusion strategies and assets for live TV and VOD
Advanced Live and OTT content protection and management.
Assess the safety of your brand's devices, microchips and micro-controllers

International Presence

Representing television brands since 2004

We are the best at connecting different realities from different countries. Thanks to our historical presence on the television services market, we are today the best at creating relationships and cohesion between international assets, with consequent mergers between large television groups.

Contact us

MonaCrypt Headquarters
(+377) 99 90 15 45
(+33) 6 52 82 02 02

44, Bd. d'Italie

98000 Monaco

Principauté de Monaco

Monacrypt Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy

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